Thursday, March 08, 2012

A wonderful end to our week

Last night we had a tasting session of the food for the wedding. Laura and Dave had already chosen a company called Pink Pepper to do the catering, it was now down to deciding the exact content of the menu.

To be honest, I was just expecting samples of the food that would be served; what we got was a full meal just like the one that we will enjoy on the day.

We started with the canapés; with a selection of fish ones, meat ones and vegetable ones to pick from. Then we moved on to the starter to the main course which must remain a secret for now. Then the main course itself and finally the dessert. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that the lucky guests who attend the wedding will be both surprised and delighted with the choice.

Many thanks to Sarah and Neil from Pink Pepper for a fantastic experience. They took over the kitchen at Laura and Dave's house to prepare the food and when they had finished washed up, dried up and even put the plates and cutlery away.  It was the most delightful way to round off our little holiday in Sale.

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