Saturday, August 25, 2012

A real mess up

The USA Anti Doping Agency have taken Lance Armstrong's decision not to contest the case as an admission of guilt. They maintain that he used banned substances, including the blood-booster EPO and steroids, as well as blood transfusions dating back to 1996, and say 10 of his former team-mates were ready to testify against him.

Now the ball is in the hands of the International Cycling Union (the governing body of the sport). It is their job to decide whether to uphold the decision by USADA to strip Armstrong of his 7 Tour de France titles. If they do go ahead, then they will have to choose new winners from those who finished behind the American bearing in mind that some of them are also implicated in doping scandals. 

When Alberto Contador was stripped of his title, Andy Schelck was proclaimed winner of last year’s tour. That was embarrassing for both the UCI and Schleck.

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