Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That can’t be right

In this picture which accompanies an article about Ryanair there are two passengers shown carrying both hand luggage and a carrier bag of goods bought in the airport.

From our brief encounter with the Irish company on our flights to Barcelona and back, that would not be allowed. The ground staff are anal about the amount and size of your hand luggage to the point of making passengers put their bags into a cage conveniently situated by the departure gate. Anyone, with even a small handbag, is made to stuff it into their cabin case.

In the article, Mr O’Leary says that neither the public works ministry nor the government of Spain can impose sanctions against Ryanair. As he points out, it is the Irish civilian airline authority to whom his company are responsible. Perhaps it is to them that travellers should make their complaints in future, in Spanish of course!

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