Monday, August 06, 2012

Time for the Mary Baker mix?

We have been invited to join in the Gastronomy Day.  This year it is being held in the Main Park, not the previous area near the Social Centre.  It is due to commence about 2.00 p.m.

Aurelio has promised to do better than last year - proper tables, shade, enough plates and refreshments!

In view of the heat we have decided to confine our contributions to cakes and biscuits - sweet or savoury.  All contributions would be gratefully received but please no cream or butter icing etc - i.e. nothing that will melt. 

We plan to be in the Park at about 1.15/1.30 pm to set up.  For ease of presentation if you are providing cakes, can you please cut them up into "wedding cake slices" and wrap them in cling film to stop them drying out. Thanks. (If you don't want to do this we will do it for you).  If you are unable to take them directly to the park then please feel free to give them to either me or Barbara Mann and we will willingly take them down to the park.

This invitation is not confined to Villas Andrea residents.  As I don't have many email addresses myself, please forward this to anyone British to invite them to join in.

Help with the tables is also welcomed.  Thank you all in advance for your help.

Again we have to thank Diane for organising this on our behalf.

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