Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Relief from the heat

For those who have found the high temperatures of this summer difficult to cope with, there is some relief on the way. It will get cloudier towards the weekend and temperatures will drop to the high twenties. There is also a slight chance of some rain but I don’t suppose it will amount to much.

When the thermometer inches up to the mid and high thirties, it starts to get uncomfortable, especially when the humidity is high. Pam and I have spent a lot more time indoors this summer with the air conditioning on than we would normally. A couple of weeks of strong sunshine might be OK when you are on holiday but not when you live here and there are jobs to be done.  

Our daughters, along with our granddaughter, fly out to visit us on Tuesday. We hope the weather is good for them but perhaps a little cooler than it was for our visitors last week. 

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