Friday, August 17, 2012

All over for another year

Last night marked the end of this year’s fiesta. The solemn parade of the statue of San Joaquin around the town, accompanied by the townsfolk carrying lighted candles, is the last act or dedication to the patron saint of the town.

If you go the sidebar under My recent albums of photos, you will find the pictures that I took last night.

Before we close the door though, I think we should thank the members of the Fiesta Commission for their hard work and dedication in putting together such a wonderful programme of events for us. In these days of austerity, it must have taken a great deal of imagination and resourcefulness to even have a fiesta at all.

IMG_9604 Without neglecting the contribution of the other members of the commission, I would like to pay my tribute to just two; Aurelio Murcia and Eladia Robles.

On every occasion that I have been down in the town, they have been there working away to make sure that everything ran smoothly – especially Aurelio. I remember one time when I went down, he hadn’t even had time to have a shave that day! I wouldn’t be surprised to find he’d hardly had time to eat let alone sleep during this last week.

In my opinion, the whole town owes Aurelio a debt of gratitude for this year’s fiesta. Without him, it would have been a pretty poor affair.

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