Sunday, August 26, 2012


painting-fresco_2316720bI read in the Telegraph about a well meaning 80 year old lady who has tried to restore a 120 year old fresco of Ecce Homo at the Santuario de Misericodia Church in the village of Borja, near Zaragoza, Spain.

It wasn’t valuable but was a part of the heritage and the family of the artist had made a donation to help with its upkeep.

It is doubtful that the original can now be restored – it very much depends on what kind of paint she used. Frescos were normally  painted using tempera paint onto damp plaster; professional restores would use the same kind of paint to preserve the originality.

There is controversy about whether the lady had permission to carry out the work – she says she had. If that is true, then someone made a terrible mistake. Just look at what she did! The lady managed to turn Jesus into Neanderthal man. 

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