Friday, August 24, 2012

Closing the stable door

Prince Harry, third in line to the throne of England, is well known for his wild behaviour so it comes as no surprise to find that he was involved in a naked romp in Las Vegas with a few girls. They were apparently playing strip billiards.

What is surprising is that the prince’s minders allowed the girls to take photos of Harry on their mobile phones. You would expect them to take the phones off the girls when they arrived and only give them back as they left but no. It didn't take long for the girls concerned to publish the pictures on the Internet where millions could see them. What else did the prince and his minders think they were going to do with them?

The Royal Palace and Prince Charles’s royal aides threatened legal action against any British newspaper that published the pictures. The Sun newspaper decided to go ahead in what it calls “public interest”.

Public interest or not, anyone who wanted to see these pictures only had to Google Prince Harry to find them. Media coverage on CNN and newspapers throughout the world had already given us all full access to the pictures.

In my opinion, having the pictures published in the UK is the very least of the problems that the Palace faces.

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