Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In trouble again

It seems that everyone's favourite airline are in trouble again.Yes, we are talking about Ryanair who are being investigated for 100 complaints by customers in the last year.

The surprise is that there were only 100 complaints to be answered for.

Pam and I flew by Ryanair for the first time when we went to Barcelona. Both there and back the flights were only part full so we had no complaints about seating.

We'd also been careful to take on hand luggage that would easily fit into the bins they use to check for oversize bags. That was just as well because at both Alicante and El Prat, there were vigilant employees eyeing up anything that looked remotely oversized. The number of people who had to squeeze their bags in just to prove they were the right size was appalling and showed how obsessive the company is about cabin luggage. My airline sized roller case for my cameras would have got stuck in the bins so I didn't take it.

During the flight, nobody bought drinks from the trolly and I am not surprised when we saw the prices.

Ryanair might offer the cheapest prices but that means they also provide the worst service. 

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