Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not a recommendation

I've been criticised in some quarters for my recommendations about restaurants in the area. For example, one person told Pam that the vegetables at one restaurant I'd mentioned were frozen. I cannot say whether that is true or not but what I can say is that Pam and I and others we have spoken to have enjoyed all of our meals at the establishment in question.

It would be a strange world if everyone had the same tastes and likes. There is certainly no such thing as one restaurant suits all and my criteria may well be different to others. For me if the service is good, the food is tasty, the ambience is pleasant and I feel the price offers good value then it gets a tick.

Yesterday we went to Rebate, a restaurant we have visited often with friends. It is a place that we like for the location and the food but I am sure there are others who find fault. In fact we took friends there one time and they thought the menu of the day lacked choice.

Normally we would have the menu of the day, which at 14.75 euros represents good value in my book. Certainly, for a lunch there is more than enough food for most people to eat. Yesterday we opted for the 25 euro suggested menu and came away with groaning stomachs.

On the more expensive menu, you get a selection of starters which include 7 tapas. Those are followed by a choice of main courses all of which are substantial and then a selection of three different desserts.

At the risk of getting shot in the foot here, I defy anyone to eat that menu and come away hungry. I also defy anyone to find the food anything but well prepared, tasty and beautifully presented. The choices may not be to your liking but that is another matter. 

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