Saturday, August 18, 2012

Peace returns

After the fiesta is over, Bigastro usually becomes a haven of peace and tranquility. Many people go on holiday and some of the bars and shops close for vacations.

Last night though, things were different. For one thing there was street entertainment in the form of La Murga on Calle Purisima. That drew a healthy crowd.

We took our visitors down, not to witness La Murga but to eat at Casa Eloina, thinking it might be very quiet and there may only be a few diners. We were so wrong, table after table came out of storage and the street was filled just as it had been on the days of the fiesta.

From the tiny kitchen came plate after plate of tapas and from the bar large jugs of foaming beer. By 10:30 there was a real party atmosphere on Calle Purisima. 

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