Thursday, August 02, 2012

I make no excuses

It seems that my spelling has yet again gone awry. One of my readers has found several spelling errors in my articles and has kindly pointed them out to me. Thank you Charles Smythe. 

Windows Live Writer does check spelling but cannot detect where you have used “there” for “their” and “loose” for “lose”. I do have a proof reader but she gets up an hour or so after I have posted my items!

As an ex-teacher I should not be making these mistakes but then I’m human and in my defence my background is in art not literature. In fact my wife is surprised that I even  write a blog. Actually, I’m just as surprised.

Anyway, I do apologise to my readers. I have now corrected the mistakes that Charles pointed out.


Bill said...

I noticed a number of errors too, but after my initial inclination to write a comment I realised it was "there but for the Grace of G*d go I" - so I decided not to ;)

Take care.

Charles Smythe said...

Just call me pedantic, but spelling errors do stand out to me like a sore thumb.

Besides, shouldn't we be setting good examples to the younger generation who really cannot spell?

Again I thank you, Keith, for an excellent blog. It always makes interesting reading (especially when looking for spelling & grammar mistakes LOL)