Monday, August 19, 2013

A noble profession

In an interview with Europa Press, the popular party spokesperson in the Valencian Parliament, Jorge Bellver, said  that "corruption is incompatible with democracy". Furthermore, he believes that  those who really believe in democratic representation and the parliamentary system need to make decisions every day to improve the system.

It is reported that 16.5 percent of Valencian children blame politicians for the crisis facing Spain and only 8.3% would choose politics as a profession.

Defending the system, the Ombudsman for the PP says that, politics is one of the noblest professions to which a person can aspire to and that the system of representative parliament is the best possible system. However, he stressed that “we must make daily efforts to improve and incorporate all necessary measures so that each day is cleaner, more transparent, more participatory and more exemplary."

Bellver added that it was unfair to say that the system generates corruption and that the level of corruption was lower now than it was 20,40 or 60 years ago.

He is or course right, the system “per se” is not corrupt, it is the people working within it that take advantage of their positions of power to enhance their own situation. Sadly though, the system has allowed these people to get away with malpractice for far too long and that is the issue for those young peoople. The lack of transparency in Spanish politics at all levels has covered up for the rotten apples leaving the voters unaware of what has been going on.

We live in the hope that there are at least some altruistic politicians who work hard for their town, region or country without attempting at the same time to feather their own nests. They may be hard to find but I am sure that they are there.

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