Saturday, August 17, 2013

Worth waiting up for

After the solemn procession and the fireworks, Pam and I went to the park to watch Bigastro: the Musical.

We were not quite sure what to expect but as it turned out, it was excellent entertainment. Mostly the students from the Estafania Selfa School of Dance along with a few stars who mimed to music and members of the Fiesta Commission who filled in. A great show and very entertaining.

So, the fiesta is done and dusted for this year. Months of preparation and a lot of hard work on the part of a handful of dedicated people. Pam and I would like to thank the Fiesta Commission, the Ayuntamiento, the band and everyone else who did their bit to make this year’s fiesta so enjoyable.

I hope that my photographs provide wonderful memories of some of the events of the two weeks. I’d love to go to everything and take more photos but you know, Pam and I are getting on and we need our sleep at night and rest during the daytime.

Until next year, VIVA SAN JOAQUIN!

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