Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I feel sorry for them

Like many of you, I have been following the story of the the two girls accused of trafficking drugs from Peru. Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid were caught at Lima airport with £1.5 of cocaine in their suitcases.

Since then the newspapers have attempted to kept us informed about the background to the story. The Daily Mail, for example, managed to dig up information which indicated the girls lead a wild partying lifestyle in Ibiza hosting drug fuelled parties until the early hours of the morning. Whilst in Peru, the Mail tells us that the girls enjoyed a sight seeing trip and even managed to get in some shopping at the expensive stores in the capital.

Meanwhile, the girls have maintained that they were coerced into being drug mules with threats at gun point along with threats to their families.

Yesterday they were taken from the holding place to find out if they would be charged with drug trafficking. The district attorney’s office say that there is enough evidence to suspect alleged responsibility for both girls. It is expected that the presiding judge, Dilo Huaman will accept the charges and order the two to be held in custody until a court hearing or trial.

That process could take two years and then, if found guilty the girls face a jail term of between eight and 15 years.

In spite of the Mail’s assertions that the two girls were less than innocent, you can’t help but feel sorry for their situation. Far away from home, in a country where they cannot speak the language, they must feel desperately isolated – like their world has just caved in.

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