Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bill could be right

One of my readers says that he has being keeping away from commenting about the ongoing saga of Gibraltar.

However he has now found an article about fishing in the harbour area.  Bill kindly sent me a link to a site which claims that the area of the reef is actually off-limits to fishing. So all the bluster could well be about nothing.

Trawling is a very destructive way of fishing. Dragging a net across the bottom of the sea destroys the delicate ecosystem and a fair percentage of the catch has to be thrown back dead.

Bill has also found another site which claim that the whole debacle is a smoke screen by Madrid to take people’s minds of the real issues that Spain faces; the scandal of the B accounts, the rail crash at Santiago and now the massive debts that the regions face this year.

You know there could well be something in this idea. Governments are very good at finding ways to cover up bad news to distract the public. 

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