Thursday, August 08, 2013

The power of the internet

Traditionally, there has been a costume party at Campoamar each summer. However, this year nobody thought to organise such an event so young people took matters into their own hands. They used social networking sites to gather up to 20,000 young people to the beach, all in disguise and armed with carrier bags full of booze.

Even though this was an unofficial event, organised without permission from the town hall, there were local police, Guardia Civil, Red Cross etc on hand.

Luckily, the event passed by without major incident but it could have been different. There would have been many children there as well as young adults and of course there was always the risk of damage to private property not to mention the state of the beach afterwards.

The council say that there are other ways to have fun and will either close the event down or organise it properly. I am sure that many of the residents of the area would prefer it not to take place at all but faced with the power of the internet to organise such events, that is not going to happen.

Botellón, which translates to large bottle, is a popular summer event at weekends. Crowds of young people gather at predetermined places carrying bags full of spirits and mixers and stay until the early hours of the morning.

As you might imagine, these gatherings are neither popular with bars who lose out on trade nor with locals who have to put up with the noise and the stench of urine the following morning. Police have tried to break up these late night drinking sessions held in public places  but of course, the party simply moves on as the young people use their mobile phones to reorganise themselves. 

Here in Bigastro, La Pedrera seemed to be the favoured venue. The council now have chains across the entrance roads to the area at night to at least prevent the trail of cars going up there. Of course, that does not prevent the young people from walking up the road but then it is a fair hike from the town. Hopefully, they will find somewhere closer to the town, well away from our estate!

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