Thursday, August 15, 2013

We nearly stood up

A busy night last night – first there was the Floral Offering to San Joaquin.

This year, the request was for food to be distributed to those in need. Already on stage were countless bags of food donated by companies like Eurener which were then added to by a multitude of bags from others. However, there were still sufficient floral donations to make the occasion special.

Then Pam and I had a break for something to eat.

At 11pm, we were treated to another excellent concert by the town band.

In the past, these concerts were held on Calle Purisima and so this year they reverted to tradition. Although not the ideal location, at least we did not have all the noise in the background to contend with and the atmosphere was more intimate.

The opening number was a tribute to the rock band Queen which of course starts with the National Anthem. At that point, Pam and I didn’t know whether we should have stood up or not.

Apart from the Himno de Bigastro, the whole programme consisted of  numbers we had not heard before. I can only imagine the enormous amount of work the band members must have put in to play these new pieces. 

Today is our wedding anniversary and so we are going out to lunch but we will be back in good time for the parade of comparsas tonight.

Floral offering

Concert for San Joaquin

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