Friday, August 02, 2013

Who should we believe?

We know that the ex treasurer of the PP claimed that the party had a second “B” fund which was used to collect payments from constructors and distribute them to leaders including Mariano Rajoy. The pages from these accounts have been published in various Spanish newspapers.These papers suggest that Sr Rajoy received 25,000 euros in undeclared cash payments in 2010 alone.

Understandably, the opposition party called for an explanation and a resignation when the news of this B fund hit the press. However, since January,  the Prime Minister has kept tight lipped about the whole affair.

Under mounting pressure, Mariano Rajoy has now made a special address to parliament where he said that he made a mistake in trusting Luis Barcenas. He claims to be a victim of deceit and says that neither he nor his party are guilty of any wrongdoing. According to him, there is no second set of books.

The problem for Spain is that confidence in the present government has hit an all time low. Who are we to believe? Should we put our trust in the Prime Minister who says that he will continue to govern until the next elections in 2015 or in the disgraced Louis Barcenas who is currently facing charges of corruption following the discovery that he had 47 million euors stashed in Swiss bank accounts?

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