Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A quiet night in Elche

Spaniards do not know the meaning of fear; when they are not chasing or being chased by bulls, they are blowing themselves up with gunpowder.

The Nit de l'Albà in Elche resulted in at least 43 people being treated for injuries, one of whom had to be taken to the burns unit at Alicante for second degree burns on his hand. Eight others were treated at Elche hospital including a three year old who had burns on the hand from holding a firecracker. Many were hit by the sticks from rockets as they fell back down to ground. Meanwhile, fire-fighters were kept busy attending small outbreaks of fires which involved street furniture, awnings and palm trees. 

The good news is that there were fewer injuries than last year when 106 people were treated and one pyrotechnic actually died.

After the firework display came the unofficial fireworks. This year they were contained in a special area set aside. Only those who had attended a training course were allowed to take part. The participants who launched the so called “war trucks” entered the area with heavy clothing, helmets, gloves and boots. Sounds more like going to war than a fun night out.

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