Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hasn’t it gone quiet!

Bigastro always goes to sleep after the fiesta is over. The VaiVen closes for two weeks as the owners go for a well earned  holiday, shops close and businesses shut up. Calle Purisima is unusually quiet as the townsfolk get over the days of partying.

Those who live in the apartments around the main park must feel a sigh of relief that, at last they can get a full night’s sleep without a disco at full volume blasting away until the early hours of the morning.

1175065_416456371806774_379818750_n To wind things down, the Moors comparsa La Murga gave a street performance yesterday with Charlie Sax at the front in his trademark trilby hat. I see that Joaquina also managed to get herself in this photo from the Fiesta Commission’s Facebook page. 

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