Sunday, August 11, 2013

Grand Prix

Grand Prix (8 of 207)It was the sort of event that could only happen in a country like Spain.

Six teams of ten, just one lady participant, several young bulls in a dusty Plaza de Toros.

First job, get the crowd in and seated. That was not as simple as it sounds and it did take some time.

Then the games could commence.

First off the teams had to climb over slippery inflatables carrying buckets of water –that was good fun. The following games were equally hilarious with ladies donating their bras to their favourite team and children whose idea of counting was one – two – ten – twelve.

The organisers must have breathed a sigh of relief that there were no incidents!

Top marks go to the Commission de Fiestas for giving us a night of great entertainment.

My pictures are here.

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