Monday, August 26, 2013

Not in our plans

 This is not what we wanted. Pamela, Laura, Jemma, Molly and I had been looking forward to this week since June and our holiday together in Mallorca. 

We had hoped for dry settled weather, not too hot but certainly sunny. So far, the weather gods have been good but things are changing from today. 

The sky is overcast and there has already been a shower with a distinct promise of more to come. 

Actually, the long term forecast at the start of summer was for storms at the end of August but then we all know how reliable long term forecasts are. It seems this time that they may just be right. 

Today is not too bad because our plan is to go the the shopping mall at La Zenia and then on for lunch to Rebate. Tomorrow though, we had planned to meet up with friends of Laura's at the water park in Torrevieja. We'll have to keep an open mind on that one and maybe meet up at Habenaras where at least we won't be out in a thunderstorm. 

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