Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jemma's bad day

The original plan was to go to the Safari Park at Elche. Last year we went there and had a good day except that Jemma wanted to see the sea lion show and we missed it. Yesterday was the time to make up for that.

However, Laura thought that visiting one of the nearby cities would be better given that it was a steamy day and in any case Jemma had never been to Alicante, so we set off to the provincial capital.

The station in Orihuela has been temporarily moved whilst work continues on the high speed train line from Alicante to Murcia so we ended up having to walk quite a way.

When we arrived at Alicante Jemma decided to get some money from the cash point in the station. The first machine was empty and returned her card. The second machine was also empty but refused to return the card so she went to look for the bank to report the problem but of course this was Saturday and the banks were closed.

Jemma therefore phoned her bank in England to cancel the card and arrange for a new one to be sent to her home. I then drew out some money for her to help out.

Time for a drink and so we looked for somewhere and ended up inside at El Corte Ingles. The tables in the Gourmet Experience were pedestals with high stools to sit on. Both Jemma and I put our bags on the floor by our feet.

At some point a man and lady came in and he stood behind Jemma. She felt him push into her but thought nothing of it until she came to collect her handbag which by this time had gone. We can only assume that as the man pushed Jemma he dragged the bag from under her with his foot.

We reported the incident to the security guard who told us that we needed to go to the local police station to file a denuncia. Pamela helped Jemma by acting as a translator and the paperwork was completed.

So that was a lesson learnt the hard way. Jemma now has new cards on the way, has cancelled her mobile phone contract and will have to contact DVLC to get a new driving license. We bought her a new handbag and I am lending her a camera to take pictures but as for the phone, she will have to wait.

The thing is, Jemma is such a good person who always puts others before herself. She doesn't deserve this sort of bad luck in her life. When we go to La Zenia shopping mall, I intend to treat her to a present which hopefully will cheer her up.

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