Saturday, June 27, 2009

According to the Sun

Sources close to the Jackson entourage yesterday revealed how he was injected three-times a day with narcotic DEMEROL.

It is similar to morphine and should never be combined with similar drugs but it seems that Jackson was also taking three 3mg tablets of another strong narcotic painkiller, DILAUDID

And sources said he had recently been prescribed yet another — VICODIN which is an opiate drug derived from codeine.

He also took:-

  • SOMA, a muscle relaxant in 2mg doses twice a day.

  • XANAX, a sedative given to Michael in 0.5mg doses twice a day.

  • ZOLOFT, an anti-depressant, which Jackson took in 100mg doses.

  • PAXIL, another anti-depressant which is also used to treat anxiety and obsessive behaviour. Michael took it in 20mg pills.

  • PRILOSEC, an over-the-counter pill for heartburn.

    The singer was also recently prescribed anti-biotics to ward off a minor infection following recent skin cancer surgery.

  • The drugs were already deadly enough. Patients should not take more than one pain killer at a time. But their effect would have been increased by Jackson’s state of health. He was virtually anorexic and weighed just nine stone despite being 5ft 10in.

    Medics who quizzed him about his lifestyle during the recent cancer treatment were alarmed when he confessed to eating just one meal a day and having a phobia about constantly weighing himself.

    He told one physician he had been taking painkillers regularly since 1985 and had used them to counter the effects of more than a dozen cosmetic surgery operations.

    We will have to wait until the autopsy report is published in six to eight weeks to get confirmation of this. If it is true, then Jackson follows a long line of pop stars who have died following drug overdoses. Such a tragic waste of talent.

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