Monday, June 29, 2009

Los Reyes


Two years ago it was the turn of John and Beryl, last year it was Mel and Lillian. This year, I am pleased to announce - Gordon and Ann will represent us as Third Age King and Queen.

Many congratulations to them both. We hope they have a fabulous time at the Fiesta and look forward to seeing them crowned on Saturday, 8th August at 9pm in the Parque, ”Huerta del Cura.

NB The photo in the brochure is copyright so I am using my own picture of them instead.

Now to blow my own trumpet:-


In the back of the brochure you will notice that, not only have I been credited with supplying some of the photos but also the cover photo. Muchas gracias, I am delighted to be honoured in this way.

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