Thursday, June 25, 2009

Got it right this time

When my father came to visit us a few years ago, he missed his flight from Manchester to Murcia on the day he was supposed to arrive and had to fly the next day.

Pops problem was twofold: 1) had re-scheduled the flight to an earlier time and 2) their check-in desks at Manchester Terminal 1 are situated in a different area than the rest of the check-in desks.

You have to look hard to find the signs that direct you to’s check in at T1. My father spent nearly an hour looking for them, asking countless people in the process. When he finally found them; the flight had been closed ten minutes. should have sent an email to inform my father of the change of time. Since I had made the bookings for him and check my emails at least daily, I know that hadn’t happened.

To be fair, recognised that there had been a mistake and gave him a ticket for the next day. However, that meant that he had to return to my brother’s house in Heaton Moor for the night and travel back to the airport the following day. At least by then he knew where to find the check-in! have changed the time of flight that Pamela has booked from Murcia to Manchester. So far, we have received three emails informing us of the change.

The icing on the cake came yesterday though when a lady phoned on our Spanish landline to give us the information yet again. I don’t know how many flights are affected by the change but, even if it is only a few, it must amount to a lot of phone calls.

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