Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mystery solved

We happened to be by the post boxes when the lady who delivers our mail arrived yesterday. I asked her about the box at the end labelled “Correos”. One of the residents had wondered if this was a collecting box for post.

Apparently not. From my interpretation of what the lady said, the box was for mail that was wrongly addressed, “malo” as she put it. I imagine what she meant was that you could return mail that was wrongly put in your box via the Correos box.

Whilst I distracted the young lady, she cut her finger on the sharp edge of one of the box lids which she also described as “malo”.

It is not an easy task for the post lady to hold a bundle of letters in one hand and try to open and insert the mail into the boxes with the other. The poor lass either needs three hands or for us to go down and smooth off the rough edges on the box lids.

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