Saturday, June 20, 2009

A quiet summer

Do you remember going on holiday to Spain only to find there was a construction site next to the hotel you were staying in? Luckily it never happened to us but we read about many that did suffer.  Work would start at 8:30am and continue with a break for siesta until 7pm. A nightmare!

Well this year, many councils have been asked by businessmen to halt all private building work during the summer season so as not to damage the weakened tourism sector. In most cases the councils have responded by modifying their by-laws to comply with the request. For example, in Benidorm, constructors have been told to stop work in the centre between July1st and September 1st. In Calpe constructors who flout the noise level restrictions' will be fined between 90 and 3,000€. In Benissa the fines could be as high as 6,000€.

A great idea – just a pity they didn’t think of it in the boom years.

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