Monday, June 22, 2009

Golden wedding

As some of my readers will know, we were at Steve and Gillian’s Golden Wedding party on Saturday. Steve asked me to take some photographs for them which I was pleased to do. He asked me to put them onto a CD so he could have them printed out when they got back to England.

We decided to go one better and put them into an album for them as a present. So that is what I was doing yesterday. It all went well until one of the pages for the album printed out with some of the photographs missing. Whatever I tried (reducing the size of the files by compressing the photos) it just refused to print properly. Eventually, I removed a couple of the photos and the page printed just fine.

Yesterday evening, I surprised Steve and Gillian by taking the album round to their house. They seemed to like what I had done. Steve and Gillian are really nice people and in any case, we have been to several parties at their house so this seemed a good way to repay their kindness. You can see the pictures by clicking on this link.

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