Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sounds mad


Stone throwing competitions and now this!

Do you remember making a cart out of some old wood and pram wheels; knocking it together with rusty nails out of the shed and then taking it to the nearest hill to try out?

If you were lucky, the cart survived and you got to the bottom of the hill in one piece. If the piece of wood that you fitted to rub on one tyre worked, then the cart eventually came to a halt. Otherwise it was abandon ship and hope for the best.

For the more ambitious it didn’t have to be a cart, you could race anything you could attach wheels to from an old sofa to a tin bath.

If you want to relive those glorious days, then here is your chance. On the 9th August there will be a competition for “cars without motors”. Be warned though, some of the hills in Bigastro are a little steep.

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Pete said...

You must, must, must, must take photographs!