Monday, June 22, 2009

Who is Comedy Nose?

I was asked this on Saturday.

Those of you who saunter over to my Project 365 album on Flickr will have noticed his comments at the bottom of my photographs. You may also have seen the odd comment by sohvimus as well.

Comedy Nose is my great friend Pete who I used to work with at Anfield. It was he who encouraged me to take up blogging and then to set up a Project 365. So I comment on his photographs (which incidentally are often much better than mine) and he comments on mine.

I’ve never asked him why he chose the name Comedy Nose – I imagine Pete was already taken.

Oh yes and sohivimus is Pete's Finnish girlfriend, Laura who now lives with him in Newsham Park, Liverpool.

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Pete said...

As you've namechecked me, that surely deserves a response!

I first started participating in what it is now fashionable to call 'social networking' in 1992, when I joined the Monochrome BBS (which incidentally is still running, still in it's largely original appearance). Back then EVERYBODY had an alias as it was run by geeks and hackers. I interacted with people like Daedalus, Hamlet, Yorick, Culfinion and so it goes on. My ident there was (and still is) Wolfgang - don't ask.

The real origin of comedy_nose is that I suffer from a skin condition called acne rosacea. When it's bad, at certain times of year, I would get this absurdly red nose. Fortunately it's calmed down a lot now, but not before one of my brother's friends pointed and said "comedy nose!".

Now fast forward to the creation of an ebay account. Every one of my usual identities had been gobbled up, to the point where in something approaching a fit of pique I stabbed in 'comedy_nose' and it flagged up as available!

Similarly, when I tried to join a Yahoo group about kit cars everything was taken, so I tried comedy_nose and sure enough it let me in. As Flickr is now owned by Yahoo I used my existing Yahoo ID to get an account. So now you know. :)

As for this day I've never had a satisfactory explanation to that one!