Saturday, June 20, 2009

And now they are gone

Our very good friends Peter, Glenys, Brian and Margaret have been staying at Peter’s brother's house at Punta Prima. Glenys and Peter stayed for a fortnight whilst Brian and Margaret were here for a week. Our other friends, Chris and Linda have also just spent a fortnight in their house at Cabo Roig.

Sadly we only got to spend one afternoon with Chris and Linda. Chris had a heart attack a couple of months back and needed a quiet time. We respected that. Hopefully next time he and Linda are over, we will see more of them and he will be more his old self.

We saw more of Glenys, Peter, Brian and Margaret. They came to our house for paella and we went out with them for meals on a few occasions. They came down with us to Bigastro to watch the procession for Corpus Christi and then to the Thursday market.

We hadn’t seen Brian and Margaret for quite a few years but it didn’t matter. It only took an hour so for us to bridge the years.

Pam has known Glenys since they were at school together and I have known her since Pam and I met in the late sixties. We’ve known Peter since the seventies when the two of them got together and eventually got married – an occasion when we were there along with our daughters Jemma and Laura. When our children were growing up we spent a lot of time with Glenys and Peter but when the children got older we lost touch a bit.

Now our girls are young ladies, we are back in close touch. Pam and Glenys phone each other regularly. Whilst we were in England, Peter and Glenys came to stay in Wolverhampton to help make something out of Jemma’s garden. They have also visited Laura and Dave in their flat in Sale and are planning to go and see them in their new house.

Having good friends brings a lot of joy to our lives. Now they have all gone back to England we will miss them until we have the chance to meet again.

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