Friday, November 20, 2009

3,000 percent profit in two years

Anybody is entitled to buy and sell land and make a profit in the process but when the mayor of Torrevieja bought rural land in Almoradí for 180,000 Euros and then sold it for 5.4 million to a Torrevieja building company just over two years later, this was bound to raise eyebrows.

The accusations against Pedro Ángel Hernández Mateo were taken to court in Valencia where the judges have now ruled on the case. Whilst they recognised that the mayor and his wife had made a huge profit from the sale, they say that there was insufficient evidence to show that this was as a result of having privileged information.

The regional court has now returned the case to Torrevieja’s court number 4 with a brief to either find firm evidence or drop the case.

Sr Hernández Mateo is delighted with the outcome which he hopes will end four and a half years of insults and slander that his family have suffered. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that; the mayor might be completely innocent but I suspect that the people of Torrevieja will not be so easily convinced of that.

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