Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another plug for Andy

It seems that Andy Cole will not be allowed to escape easily from Villas Andrea. You recall he came and replaced the pipe that goes from the skimmer on our pool to the pump. Well, he has now been back to re-render the staircase wall at the front of our house with Gote Gran and was then moving on to replace the bath in one of our neighbours' houses with a shower.

There are only two reasons why Andy gets so much work up here; a) his prices are reasonable and b) the quality of his work is very good. In addition to which, Pam told Andy that he was the best clearer upper that we have ever had. 

To repeat my earlier advice, if you have any sort of building work to be done, it is well worth giving Andy a call on 619 573 566 or email him on If you want to speak to him personally, you’ll probably find his white van parked somewhere on the estate doing another job for one of our neighbours.

By the way, Andy told me he had a further two cases of leaking pipes in pools to deal with. So those of you who use tablets to chlorinate your pools beware. It might only be a matter of time before you have to call for Andy’s services.

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