Monday, November 09, 2009

My teeth can’t take it


I have to confess, generally speaking, I am not a great fan of turron. I quite like the chocolate version and the one made with egg yokes but the varieties with almonds are just too hard for my ageing teeth.

So you can rightly assume that we were not at IFA in Alicante yesterday to witness the largest turron in the world being displayed. The 40 metre long, 500kg turron must have been an impressive sight though. That is at least until the 500 people who were present devoured it within minutes of being given the thumbs up. By my reckoning that represented a kilogram of turron each person – surely not!

Unlike the This is Spain exhibition, which has become a damp squid, the gastronomic exhibition attracted 30,000 visitors in the four days it was held. There is a clue for the organisers of This is Spain – exhibit more food and less furniture and fittings.

Apart from the turron at the exhibition this last weekend, there was the “tunnel of rice” which had 3,000 portions of rice dishes prepared by dozens of different restaurants. Among them were the Michelin four star restaurants El Poblet, Ca Sento and Arrop. The rice dishes included arroz con caracoles y conejo (rice with snails and rabbit), arroz con pulpo (rice with squid) and risotto al parmesano (risotto with parmesan). The intention was to showcase dishes that were affordable as in fact most arroz dishes are.

Apart from the turron and the rice dishes, there were many other attractions for the visitors, including free tastings, competitions and top Spanish chefs showing off their new dishes.

Sounds like a good occasion for those with a healthy stomach to take it.

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