Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Right but not necessarily good

In an area where water is a scarce commodity, priority must be given to different types of users. It is the job of the CHS (Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura) to balance these demands. Although agriculturalists and the owners of golf courses use purified waste water, even so there is still a conflict of demand for this precious resource.

The owners of La Marquesa golf course in Rojales built and maintain a water treatment plant, the Pepin, which has a capacity to provide 600,000 cubic metres of purified water. The golf course requires 275,000 cubic metres, so the excess capacity is used to provide the town and the local agriculturalists with good clean water for parks, gardens and crops.

You would assume that this is a perfect arrangement that benefits all but there is a “fly in the ointment” and that is the CHS who say that the golf course does not have a licence to use that water and so are being fined 300,000 € (reduced from 600,000€).

This seems to be one of those occasions when what is right is not necessarily to everyone's benefit.

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