Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Strong winds close schools

Schools in Orihuela and Elche were closed yesterday as the wind gusted up to 110 kilometres per hour. Infant classes were cancelled from the morning and primary classes in the afternoon.

Damage caused:- advertising billboards on the road between Orihuela and Bigastro suffered; the fence on the Levante bridge had to be removed; the roof of a car park in Elche went flying and the fencing at one school was lifted off its footings and fell onto the pavement.

In the early afternoon our teacher sent us a message to say that our Spanish class was cancelled. Unfortunately, my emails to some of our classmates did not get through in time to prevent them from attending. I apologise for that but without phone numbers, an email seemed my only option.

Yesterday evening the wind started to subside and all is calm again this morning so the process of tiding up begins.

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