Sunday, November 01, 2009

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Looking through the pictures on my Flickr project 365, I can find which of them so far has had the most viewings. Surprisingly, top of the list is the photograph of the inside of my computer (don’t click on this link - you’ll make it even more popular!). An amazing 116 people have been to look at that. For goodness sake it is just a bog standard Dell box. You can’t even see the interesting bits because they are inside a fan case.

Next on the list is a photo of my snorkel, mask and flippers which has been viewed 47 times the same as my picture of Hugh and his son on our sun loungers. Good grief, the photo I took of the new grills on the BBQ attracted 44 people and my shot of a MacDonald’s burger box 37. My photo of the contact lens paraphernalia has already been viewed 28 times and I only uploaded it three days ago. 

Clearly, I need to forget looking for some interesting scenery or fascinating objects for this project. I’ll gain more recognition by taking pictures of the inside of my television. Ah well, “there’s nowt as queer as folk” (there is nothing as strange as people for the benefit of those who have never visited God’s own country). 

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Pete said...

Isn't it weird what people find interesting!

With the Flickr pro account you actually get a much more detailed breakdown of your photo statistics, and I've got just enough photos up now to make the stats interesting.

My most popular photo, with 537 views, is a snap I took as a bit of a gag. It's my big Lego plane with a cargo container wedged in one of the engine intakes, and it was a recreation of a real incident that took place the same day with a JAL Jumbo Jet at LAX. I know that Laura posted it to one of her plane forums, so it took a huge amount of hits from there.

Next up is, would you believe, your old VOIP phone with 295 hits. I've no idea whatsoever why it's so popular, but people keep clicking on it.

I think there are two forces at play. One is that I take lots of fairly generic shots with close ups, making them handy 'stock shots'. The other is that I set all my photos with Creative Commons licences so that anybody can use them. There are absolutely tons of my photos illustrating blog posts across the net. Because I've got a distinctive username I can just google 'comedy_nose' to see where lots of my photos have been used, and they're just the ones who have actually credited me. God knows how many there are who have used them unattributed.

All good fun. :)