Friday, November 20, 2009

He will still be living here

You recall that Ginés Ruiz denounced his former partner Aurelio Murcia in October claiming that Murcia was occupying his house illegally.

The case has now been heard in Court Number 5 in Orihuela and the magistrate has decided that this is not the sort of litigation that the Law of Criminal Judgement is able to deal with. There is even the possibility of recompense to Murcia by Ruiz for damages.

Ruiz wanted to reclaim the house which was valued at 2,00,000 Euros and sell it in order to regain liquidity and avoid bankruptcy for the company Villas Andrea. However, there were problems first of all because the house has no license of occupation, it was regarded as a promotion project for the company and there was an agreement that the house was a gift to Murcia.

On a personal note, we have always found Aurelio very personable, he is a good neighbour who watches over our house when we are away. In fact we are well blessed with all our neighbours; apart from Aurelio and his family, we have Ken and Kay next door, Pepe, Eladia and Eladia Jnr across the road and Manuel and Eli next door but one.

So Aurelio we are delighted that you will still be our neighbour and are pleased that this pressure has been taken off your shoulders.

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