Friday, November 27, 2009

I’ve been searching

One of our neighbours told Pam that she knew of people living on Orihuela Costa who had successfully applied for the discount offered to pensioners by Iberdrola (the electricity company).

Pam and I recall there was a letter about this included with our last electricity bill but thought from reading it with our limited knowledge of Spanish that this discount only applied to Spanish pensioners.

If what our neighbour says is correct, then we  British pensioners are also eligible for the same discount. The only problem is that we threw the letter away and I can’t find any references to this discount on the Internet. There is nothing about it on Iberdrola’s website and I can’t find mention of it in any of the local English papers online. Strangely, there seems to be nothing about the scheme in any of the local online message boards either.

So if anyone could shed some light on this issue, I’m sure everyone reading this blog would be grateful. 

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