Monday, November 30, 2009

The sun and the moon


Yesterday, Pam and I were mulling over the hours of daylight that we enjoy here in Spain in comparison with those in the UK.

We still remember getting up in the dark to go to work and then going back home when it was dark again. It was one of the main reasons we hated winters. At least when the country went back to daylight saving we didn't arrive at school in the dark – those days were awful.

Even in the winter, there are sufficient hours of daylight (8:15 until 6pm) in the south of Spain to keep us happy.

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Maz said...

Oh God that is what I hate the most. Winter just seems so dark all the time. Yes we've got the getting up in the morning and coming home at night in the dark an in between that I'm stuck in an office with no windows. I feel like a mole!

I'm glad to hear that the winters in Spain still have sufficient hours of daylight.

Roll on my retirement :-)