Wednesday, November 04, 2009

At long last

Finally the last of the 27 countries has signed the Lisbon Treaty; the European Constitution will become law in December. This will pave the way for a stronger Europe, a world force which will rival other global players. Individual countries will lose some of their identity but will gain so much more as part of a united continent.

In my book, this is a day to celebrate. In years to come I hope that even the sceptics will see why.  

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Will said...

I totally agree with you Keith. I was really worried that an incomimg Tory government would call a referendum and, ultimately, take the UK out of Europe (what a disaster that would be). Now, however, Cameron has had to cancel plans for a referendum as it would be pointless with Lisbon being ratified by all members. The UK tabloid press has gone to town and declared that, 'It is the end for Britain' (Express-what a rag) and others have called it the ultimate betrayal by Labour and state that we will be ruled by Brussels etc. Typical scaremongering which many people believe. The big problem is that the pro-EU groups do not articulate their message loudly or often enough and allow parties like UKIP to spread its propaganda. It's enough to make one emigrate to Spain! I would go tomorrow but, sadly, my wife is not in favour and her attitude has hardened with the arrival of our two grandsons in the last year.