Wednesday, November 25, 2009

El fin de semana


SATURDAY, 28th at 8PM

Cinema: First showing of “EVA” by Vanessa Lopez

This young director and scriptwriter from Alicante has chosen Bigastro to release her short film “Eva” featuring the, bigastrense, Yessica Larrosa, accompanied by actors Xoel Fernández and Mario Morote.

Alberto visits his fiancée, Eva, in a psychiatric ward after her second attempt to commit suicide. There, thanks to David, a young psychiatrist, he discovers that he no longer knows the woman with whom he has shared his life and that things not always as he sees them.


SUNDAY, 29th 6:30pm
Music Recital

A recital of music by the members of the Sociedad Unión Musical de Bigastro featuring Adrián Albadalejo (euphonium), Pilar Sáez (flute) and Raquel Díaz(flute) accompanied on the piano by Ramón Casanueva.

These three young and highly talented musicians will interpret works by different composers in various musical styles.

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