Monday, November 16, 2009

Meantime in Britain

We complained bitterly about the gale force winds that battered the Costa Blanca the other week and of the torrential rain in October but in truth that was freakish weather. Those of us who live here should spare a thought for storm ravaged Britain where bad weather is more of a norm.

From the Times.

image The gales and heavy rain that battered Britain over the weekend will be back on Wednesday after a brief lull.

Trees were uprooted by 100mph winds at the height of the storms and drivers had to be rescued from cars caught in flash floods. The winds brought scaffolding crashing down and boats were battered and blown on to rocks.

A tornado damaged 60 homes in Benfleet, Essex, and in Devon and Cornwall power lines were brought down, leaving 10,000 homes without electricity.

Tidal flooding was not as serious as was feared after Saturday’s wild weather but the Environment Agency estimated that 50 properties had been flooded by rising surface water.

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