Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to school

When Pam and I taught in the UK, the last thing we wanted to see were signs which said “Back to School” appear in the shops just as we had broken up for the summer holiday.

As students though, we view this from a different perspective. Going back to our Spanish class will be like meeting old friends again – a joyful reunion.

Of course there is always room for more in our class and we would love to have new students join us. The atmosphere is very informal and we do spend a lot more time speaking and listening than we do on writing and learning grammar.

Our teacher encourage us to use the correct form of verbs and the appropriate prepositions but in a way that hardly makes you think that you are learning. In a short while, your find vocabulary expands and you can make yourself understood in conversations.

Life in Spain is so much richer when you can converse with more than just your English speaking friends.

To enrol, just pop down to the Ayuntamiento before September and we wil see you in class in October.

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