Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A problem for the new council to sort out

Parents of children at the nursery school, Bigastrin have been given a circular informing them that monthly fees will be reduced by 20 Euros. They currently pay 110 Euros, the highest rates for child care in the area and have done so since 2007. The council wanted to raise the rate further but the Courts ruled that the report that was submitted did not justify the fees charged.

As I understand it, the council now has three options; return the extra money that has been paid since 2007, reduce the rate for now and submit a new ordinance to justify the increase or to leave the rate as it is and make an appeal against the decision.

PS Just to put this into perspective, our youngest daughter and her fiancé pay £40 (44.68 Euros) per day to a nursery in Sale to look after our granddaughter Molly.  That equates to over 893 Euros per month.

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