Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Need a slice–open a can

A gin and tonic is not complete without a slice of lemon, nor is a glass of Coke - even a glass of water benefits from a slice. The problem is that, when you have cut a slice from your lemon, what do you do with the rest? Usually it gets thrown away. That is not a problem in an area where lemons are plentiful and cheap but in northern European countries where lemons are more expensive it represents a great waste.

Luna Citric, a company based in Navarra, have come up with the perfect solution which is to can the lemon slices. Each can holds 18 slices, all perfectly preserved with the full flavour of the fruit. You take what you need and then leave the rest in the can until you need some more.

Following the success of the product, the company have now decided to open a facility in the Vega Baja where the lemons are grown. They already produce 2,400 kilograms of preserved fruit and now plan to shift 300 tons of locally grown lemons next year which they say will increase their business by 5 million Euros annually. They will also provide much needed job opportunities in the area so it is win win all round.

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