Monday, June 13, 2011

A night of firsts

Last night we went down to the Auditorium for the concert in aid of the people of Lorca. It was the first concert where Charo Bañuls was present as the lady mayor of the town. It was also the first time that our neighbour Pepe got to present a visiting band with a commemorative plaque since becoming President of the band.

Coincidentally, it was the first time Pam and I have seen the Torrievieja band and what a band they are. They tackle the most difficult pieces of music with aplomb. Slow passages, crescendos, solo performances – this band has got the lot! They also have a very full sound which I think comes from the careful balance of instruments in the band. I must mention the soloist on flute because he was possibly the star performer.

IMG_1339 IMG_1360
IMG_1367 IMG_1380
IMG_1399 IMG_1412

Following the Torrevieja band, we had our very own band from Bigastro. Their programme was perhaps easier to listen to but equally good. I particularly enjoyed their performance of the Spanish Fiesta by Michael Sweeney.

See the rest of my photos here.

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