Sunday, June 12, 2011

Winners and losers

20110611_plenoOur hearty congratulations go to Charo Bañuls upon being elected Mayor of Bigastro. I must confess, I know very little about the lady as yet; I will have to put that right since it is likely that I will be writing a few lines about her on this blog over the next four years!

For Bigastro, this is a step into the unknown since the town has been under control of the socialists for 28 years. Over the term of this mandate we will find out whether this has been a change for the better or for the worse – hopefully the former (oops got that wrong first time).

At the same time our commiserations go to Raúl Valerio Medina who took over at a time when things were at a very low point both politically and economically.

In my opinion, Valerio’s downfall at the election was not entirely of his own doing because I believe that he succeeded a mayor and a party that had been in power for too long. My feeling is that Valerio, in spite of his best efforts, stood in Moya’s shadow for a long time and possibly still does.

Although no case as yet has been proven against him, I am convinced that the mere suggestions of scandal were enough to taint people’s opinions of Sr Moya and the Socialist party. All credit is due to Valerio in this respect because it took a brave man to try and pull the town out of the mire it had sunk into.

Valerio would probably argue that, given more time, the problems could have been sorted out but the truth is that he was a part of the administration that created the problems. And so the poised chalice has been passed onto someone else, we shall see what they can do.

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